Snowesti: Deposit & Contract Information

See your vet within 48 hours if your puppy has any poor health risks (poor health risk means a life-threatening illness). Excluded are minor respiratory infections, I.E., tracheobronchitis and puppy parasites, etc. If your puppy is found ill upon the first examination, I must be notified ASAP of the exam along with documentation, signed by your vet, showing the date on which he was examined and the reason why he thinks the puppy to be a poor health risk. This statement must include symptoms supporting his/her diagnosis. Without exception, this guarantee makes no refunds of vet fees. Any evidence of neglect or abuse will void this contract. The dog will be returned to the Seller at Buyer's expense within 24 hours of the exam. AKC and or CKC registration paper will be sent upon receipt of the veterinary statement of spay or neutering of your puppy at 7/8 months, no sooner.

There are no other warranties expressed or implied except as herein stated.

Should an untreatable genetic life-threatening illness occur within one (1) year of life in the heart, liver, or kidneys, the purchase price of your puppy will be fully refunded. The puppy, along with all paperwork, needs to be returned to me. Determination of what constitutes a life-threatening illness will be the unanimous agreement of two veterinarians agreeable to both parties. The cost of the opinions is to be assumed by the Buyer. The seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the premises regarding medical expenses, people allergies, etc. This contract does not cover death or illness due to environmental circumstances or neglect; an autopsy is required if sudden death occurs.

My puppies are sold as a pet/companion only; there are no guarantees to coats, conformation, size, weight, etc.

This Westie is to be considered a pet/companion and, thus, a "house" dog that will not be left out in the weather. If, at any time, the Buyer is no longer able to care for the dog, the Buyer shall first notify the Seller before the Buyer takes any action. The Buyer warrants the dog will not be sold or given to any other person, family, organization, or institution without the prior written approval of the Seller.

The deposit is non-refundable, with no exceptions.

It is understood and agreed that the Buyer signing this form has read and understands the provisions of this contract. Furthermore, this written agreement constitutes all conditions of the sale, and no verbal statements, either before or after the sale, will be binding in any way.

The puppy is eating Royal Canin mini puppy; please do not feed grain-free, along with any quality canned food, 3 times a day ~ 1/3 cup per feeding~. Please DO NOT change his/her diet.

I also require pictures of the puppy at 7-8 months old, front and side views, please, by email or text.